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Lydia Pallas Loren & Joseph Scott Miller

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NOW AVAILABLE:  Ver. 8.0 - released October 2023. 

Version 8.0 continues to provide engaging and challenging coverage of all the major types of intellectual property law: trade secret, patent, copyright, and trademark law. Covering cases and developments through Spring 2023, the Eighth Edition includes all the latest Supreme Court cases that are necessary to a survey course, including the Court's recent copyright fair use opinion Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith. Each chapter continues to optimize clear presentation of tightly edited cases and concise notes and questions.


The book kicks off with an introductory chapter that explores the basic policies animating intellectual property law, and concludes with an overarching chapter on intellectual property limits with two sections, one on preemption and one on first sale, and a short chapter on remedies. This book is designed to guide student analysis, as well as to challenge students to make vital connections within and across doctrines and policies.


The authors—both veteran teachers of the intellectual property law survey course—offer a comprehensive Teacher's Manual, keyed fully to the new edition, on request.


DIGITAL VERSION: To obtain a digital version of this case book, click here. Semaphore Press offers this title for the suggested price of $30. Information about Semaphore Press and its publishing model is available here.


PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE: For the Eighth Edition you have an additional option:  a printed and bound copy from Amazon. The price of this bound version is $74. This price includes Amazon's cost of printing, Amazon's "cut" of any amount charged above the printing cost, and the base price ($30) that Semaphore Press suggests be paid for the digital copy of the book. Because the Amazon price has the $30 suggested price built in, after you purchase a printed copy of the book, you should absolutely feel free to download a digital copy of the book from Semaphore Press using the "freeride" button at the bottom of the book's payment page.  Click here to be taken to the Amazon page for Intellectual Property Law: Cases and Materials.




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